In Southern California, especially Los Angeles County property management is an important aspect of investing in real estate.

The profitability of your property is dependent on hiring a qualified, helpful and professional property management company. Hiring the wrong management company can mean losing thousands of dollars, or more. Property owners who hire the right SCV property management company however, can enjoy the benefits of a lucrative property investment. Some of the most common, and often detrimental mistakes a property owner makes is not doing enough research. Does the property management company also manage Home Owner’s Associations? Do they also sell homes?

Property management companies that also sell properties are often realtors working for real estate sales firms and leasing properties through their own company as a side job, which can sometimes turn out to be a bad idea. Their main reason for wanting to be in the property management business is to get the listing of your property when you decide to sell it. They usually have a clause in the management contract that states you have to pay them a sales commission even if you list your property for sale with another company. Property management companies that also manage Home Owner Associations have their time spread thin trying to manage your rental property when they are busy dealing with all the lawsuits and daily complaints from homeowner’s calling to report their neighbor’s dogs barking or other things they think the HOA should be responsible for.

You would benefit more from a specialized company, such as Southern California Real Estate Management, that has “hands on experience” and only deals with property management for single family homes and condominiums for homeowner’s in the area of the Santa Clarita Valley. Property management has been our primary and only focus for over 30 years. Read our Client Testimonials on our website to hear from our happy customers.