Meeting with owners who are listing their properties for rent – Unless the owner of the rental unit is an avid pet lover, I usually receive the same response over and over “No Pets!”. One bad experience from a previous tenant who did not properly take care of their pet can lead an owner never to want to allow pets again.

However, with 90% of tenants having some sort of pet, advertising your property as “No Pets” can cause the property to sit for months while you are waiting for the “Perfect non-Pet Owning Tenant”. Meanwhile costing you the mortgage payment, HOA dues and gardener costs, which can add up to thousands of dollars and drain your bank account fairly quickly. The cost of no-pets may end up costing you more in the long run than just allowing a pet and getting a higher security deposit from the tenant to cover any additional damages the pet may cause.

Also, stating “No Pets”, you risk approving a tenant who agrees to give away their beloved pet, moves in and then goes and gets their pet and brings it to their new home without paying the higher security. We usually suggest owners to consider allowing a pet and getting the details of what the tenant has, how many, how big, how old, trained, untrained, breed, etc. before deciding against our furry friends.

If the tenant who is applying to rent your home is a current tenant of SCREM, we can always request to do an inspection of the property they are currently renting to see how they are keeping it and if the pet has caused any damage. There are no “bad pets” just bad pet owner’s and good pet owner’s.